Life is just a flash and a moment in time. Make the most out of it” - RA

Former ATP World Tennis Singles #22 - Doubles #111
International Tennis Consultant - Peace & Sport Champion For Peace Club 


Ronald is excited to share with players of all levels his tennis experiences. He has mastered various techniques and drills and will help you be on your way to master them as well and his cutting edge training & coaching program is designed to help you reach your best game. Players coached by Ronald have won USTA and ITF Junior and Adult events, competed in Grand Slams, and for some obtain Division 1 College Tennis Scholarships in the United States.


Ronald is available for Tennis Coaching, Tennis Clinics, Tennis Exhibitions, Corporate Appearances, Speaking/Media Engagements, Broadcasting, Endorsements, Charity Events, as well as competing in the Legends Tour & the ITF/USTA Senior Tour. Ronald is also a passionate musician and has been playing the guitar since the age of 15, and has made several recordings. He is available for live music performances in a solo, duo, trio or full band format. 


Ronald is excited to perform again and has teamed up with long time friends and accomplished musicians, pianist Alain Nascimento (who performed for many years with music legend Manu Dibango), and Canadian Saxophonist Jean Noel Le Tennier. The performances are composed of covers of classic songs ranging from Blues, Contemporary Jazz, Rock, Latin-Rock, Soul, & Pop, as well as songs from Ronald's latest album "Cordes De Vie".