Ronald Agenor is a former ATP #22 world ranked tennis player and has sustained one of the longest careers in the history of the game (19 years) and has scored wins against the world's greatest players such as Agassi, Connors, Vilas, Noah, Higueras, Wilander, Stich, Korda, Muster, Sanchez, Gilbert, Annacone, Rosset, Leconte, Forget, Curren, and Cash, just to name a few. He reached the quarter finals at the French Open in 1989, and won 3 ATP Tour World titles in Athens, Genova, and Berlin. Ronald currently coaches the game of tennis at his Tennis Academy and on the tour when traveling with professional players. He plays some exhibitions, performs clinics around the world, and competes from time to time on the Legends Tour. Ronald is also a passionate musician/songwriter and has been playing the guitar since the age of 15 and has made several recordings. His latest album "22" was released in 2017 and is available on iTunes.

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