Ronald Agénor is a former ATP #22 world ranked tennis player and has sustained one of the longest careers in the history of the game (19 years) and has scored wins against the world's greatest players such as Agassi, Connors, Vilas, Noah, Higueras, Wilander, Stich, Korda, Muster, Sanchez, Gilbert, Annacone, Rosset, Leconte, Forget, Curren, and Cash, just to name a few. Ronald is also an ambassador for Peace and Sport, an organization under the High Patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco. In 2006, the city of Castelnau de Médoc, in wine country region of Bordeaux in France, named its newly built tennis facility after Ronald. Recently, he was inducted into the Black Tennis Hall of Fame in a ceremony held at George Washington University, in Washington DC, and the “Court Ronald Agénor” was inaugurated in the Bordeaux Wine region of St Emilion, at Sainte Terre Tennis Club, France. Ronald is available for Tennis Coaching, Tennis Clinics, Tennis Exhibitions, Corporate Appearances, Speaking/Media Engagements, Broadcasting, Endorsements, Charity Events, as well as competing in the Legends Tour & the ITF/USTA Senior Tour. Ronald is also a passionate musician and has been playing the guitar since the age of 15, and has made several recordings, his latest album "22" is available for preview/download on iTunes and CD Baby. You can book Ronald for live music gigs, in a solo, duo, or full band format. Today, Ronald, whose life seems to be based on strings, spends his time between coaching the game of tennis, his family, and music.


Online Tennis Instruction

Ronald offers premium interactive online coaching for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sign up today and turn your game around faster than ever. Online coaching allows you to interact with Ronald by sending messages, images or videos of your stroke (s). Quickly upload media contents from your phone, tablet, or computer and Ronald will analyze and provide personalized feedback, which includes video coaching tips specific to the problem you are experiencing.

Tennis Coaching

Whether your goal is to improve your technique, or win your next tournament, Ronald will help you build a strong foundation meant to last with solid technique, plus all the tools you need to help you play your best game. Ronald takes pride in coaching players of all levels and all ages. A special customized training & coaching program for all competitive players is available, from the Juniors to the Pros. Make today count!

Ronald Agenor Experience

“The Ronald Agenor Tennis & Music Experience” geared towards tennis clubs, tournaments, tennis/music events, and private parties offers different formats from a day/weekend, to a full week, and can be customized with tennis clinics for players of all levels, pro-am, exhibition match (singles and/or doubles) and live music with a duo/trio or full band format. For more info/bookings contact:


Ronald, whose life is based on strings, started to play the guitar at the age of 15 and was influenced by his older brothers, Patrick, Lionel, and Richard, who played in a band while attending college in Bordeaux, France. Ronald's music demonstrates a cornucopia of influences ranging from Blues, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Rock, Neo-Soul, and Caribbean music, all interwoven into a fresh new vibe and displays Ronald's soulful singing and guitar playing.

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MUSIC NEWS - 2020 will be a busy music year as he will release his 4th album, "Cordes De Vie", and his first all instrumental album "Perfect Illusions". "Cordes De Vie" released date has been set to May 1st, 2020, and "Perfect Illusions" for August 14, 2020. Stay Tuned for more music news!
Cordes De Vie (2020) Album - May 1st
Ronald Agenor
  Perfect Illusions (2020) Album - August 14
Ronald Agenor